UN-Habitat and Colab launch mobile app for open public consultation on living conditions in Brazilian cities

The Project “Accountability Systems for Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting on Sustainable City Policies in Latin America” stands out as a transformative and game-change project led by UN-Habitat in cooperation with ECLAC-Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The application is financed by the UN Development Account and involves six cities in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. As a result of training under this project, UN-Habitat in collaboration with Colab developed a mobile phone-based application. The application enables citywide and nationwide public consultation on the citizens’ views and perceptions about the degree to which the targets of the SDG11 have been achieved in their cities. It demonstrates an innovative way to engage citizens, create awareness of sustainable cities policies and the Agenda 2030 in addition to gathering data to support a dialogue with municipal governments for policy change.

The collaboration also creates an innovative bottom-up accountability system for the implementation of the SDG11. The application has been endorsed by the National Federation of Municipalities in Brazil-FNM resulting in greater engagement of citizens in the country. It was launched on 2nd October, and until 25th of October, nearly 4,000 citizens have participated in 575 different cities. A robust amount of data on citizen’s opinion about sustainable cities policies are being collected for further analysis which will strengthen the technical and substantive support by UN-Habitat to municipal governments on the implementation of the SDG11 on their territory.

It is worth noting a couple of outcomes of the project to date. The city of Belo Horizonte adopted the application for its city consultation, and the city of Niteroi expanded the use of the application to engage citizens in its sustainable cities policies and is currently leading in the number of citizens engaged. The TV Globo nationally broadcasted the initiative of UN-Habitat and called upon residents to voice their views on their city development.

TV Globo National Broadcast

Press release in English, UN-Habitat

Press release in Portuguese, UN-Habitat

Press release in Spanish, UN-Habitat

Press release in French, UN-Habitat

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UN-Habitat and Colab launch mobile app for open public consultation on living conditions in Brazilian cities