Accountability and public responsibility Labs in Rio de Janeiro

March – May 2019 — UN-Habitat has conducted five sessions of Accountability and Public Responsibility Labs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the public sector.

As part of the project “Accountability Systems for measuring, monitoring and reporting on Public Policies in Latin America” UN-Habitat offered several workshops for strengthening governance, to support the implementation of the SDGs in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Directors of the different secretaries of the municipality participated and worked together in the main thematic topics:
-Public Participation
-Agenda 2030
-Innovation in Public Policies

The Workshop on Participation Methodologies brought together technicians, managers and representatives of civil society to conceptually present social participation and discussed different methodologies and tools of participatory processes that may be appropriate for public authorities in the elaboration of an action plan to make the Rio de Janeiro Sustainable Development Plan more participatory.

The Workshop on Agenda 2030 and the New Urban Agenda presented how open governmental tools can support the implementation and adaptation of global agendas at the municipal level. The workshop took place in two stages: the first part was dedicated to the public of teachers and employees of the Municipal Secretariat of Education and the second part brought together representatives of civil society and technicians and managers who are part of the Committee of the Sustainable Development Plan 2030 of Rio de Janeiro.

The workshop on transparency of public information addressed the importance of transparency, the legal framework and the challenges of its application in Brazil. Technicians, managers and civil society built an action plan to make the Sustainable Development Plan 2030 more transparent.

The Workshop on Innovation in Public Policies brought together officials, managers and representatives of academia and civil society and presented instruments that facilitate innovation in public policies through the exchange of experiences focused on Innovation Laboratories.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were enthusiastic that they could count on spaces for dialogue and work.



Apresentação – Oficina 1 – Metodologias e Ferramentas de Participação Social

Apresentação – Oficina 2 – ODS e Agenda2030

Apresentação – Oficina 3 – Transparência e dados abertos

Apresentação – Oficina 4 – Agenda 2030, Nova agenda Urbana e Governo Aberto

Apresentação – Oficina 5 – Laboratórios de Inovação

Informe: Oficina Diferentes Metodologias de Participação

Informe: Oficina Laboratório de Inovação.pdf

Informe: Oficina sobre Transparência e Dados Abertos

Informe: Oficinas ODS, Agenda 2030 e NAU

Mapeamento das Ações nas Escolas (respostas)

Materiais didáticos

Oficina ODS e Agenda 2030 – Manchetes

Plano de ação

Policy Brief

Reporte técnico Labs en Rio- español, ingles y portugues