Accountability Lab – Tarija, Bolivia

10 April 2019 — UN-Habitat has conducted an Accountability Lab in Tarija, Bolivia for civil society, the public and private sectors and academia.

As part of the project “Accountability Systems for measuring, monitoring and reporting on Public Policies in Latin America” UN-Habitat and Fundacion para el Periodismo offered a space for co-creation, discussion and collaboration among the different stakeholders of the city.

In preparation for the Lab, discussion tables were held where the main problems of the city were identified and where a matrix was developed that served as the basis for the action plan to be established. The participants agreed on actions, indicators and timelines for the implementation of these actions.

Directors of the different secretaries of the municipality participated and worked together with heads of neighbourhood councils, academia and civil society in general in the creation of these action plans.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were enthusiastic that they could count on spaces for dialogue and work.

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