Action Planning for Cities Supported by the City Prosperity Index, IUTC

7 – 12 November 2016 — This course drew on the City Prosperity Index-CPI developed by UN-Habitat as a tool to measure different dimensions of prosperity in cities, as well as to serve as a platform for policy dialogue and action planning for cities. The workshop was tailored to the needs of senior decision makers and executive staff of municipal and regional governments involved in urban planning and management of cities, mostly from the Asia-Pacific region. The first two days of the workshop were designed as a compact to meet the needs of mayors, senior executives, officials, directors and decision makers involved in city government while setting the foundations for the subsequent programme. The second part of the workshop (day 3 to 5) addressed the application of the CPI and its use in the formulation of action plan for cities which responds to the needs and demands of urban practitioners, senior decision makers and urban managers.  



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2016-09-13 Action Planning for Cities & CPI – PDF

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Schedule


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