Action Planning for Cities Supported by the City Prosperity Index

7 – 12 November 2016 — The workshop was tailored to the needs of senior decision makers and executive staff of municipal and regional governments involved in urban planning and management of cities, mostly from the Asia-Pacific region.

The course introduces the participants to the CPI as a strategic measurement, monitoring, and policy tool for action planning in cities. After the course, participants

will have gained practical knowledge and skills to identify problem areas as well as opportunities and potential areas for action planning in order to turn their cities more prosperous, through the CPI methodology. They will be able to adopt innovative, more holistic and people-centred urban policies and action planning strategies for their cities, based on sound data and evidences.

Different experiences will be presented through case studies and projects with several examples of actual CPI outcomes and visualization for their cities. At the end of the course participants will have achieved a demonstrable understanding of urban prosperity that promotes collective well-being in cities and learned how to use data, indicators and the CPI to support problem analysis and public policy assessment

and design well-informed action plan for their cities.



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