Human Settlement Indicators in the Asia-Pacific Region

26 – 29 March 2018 — UN-Habitat organized a regional workshop in Bangkok, Thailand focusing on the human settlements indicators and in particular the methodologies and indicators for monitoring and reporting the Sustainable Development Goal 11. This was led by the Global Urban Observatory of UN-Habitat in cooperation with UNESCAP and national statistical commissions of Asian countries.
This workshop aimed at developing capacities for monitoring and reporting of the SDG and to acquire knowledge on the various indicators and methodologies as well as means of implementation of the SDG11.




SDG 11 Indicators Sample Template


Group Work Guiding Questions


The Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the City Prosperity Initiative

The City Prosperity Initiative Brochure

The City Prosperity Initiative: Metadata

The City Prosperity Initiative: Metadata and Methodology

Group Discussions:

Best Practice (Group 1)

Group 2

Group 3

SDG 11 Indicators Sample Template

Metadata For SDG 11 Indicators:

Combined Sustainable Development Goal 11 + Metadata.pdf

Metadata 1.4.1

Metadata 1.4.2

Metadata 6.3.1

Metadata 11.1.1

Metadata 11.2.1

Metadata 11.3.1

Metadata 11.3.2

Metadata 11.4.1

Metadata 11.5.1

Metadata 11.5.2

Metadata 11.6.1

Metadata 11.6.2

Metadata 11.7.1

Metadata 11.7.2

Metadata 11.a.1

Metadata 11.b.1

Metadata 11.b.2

Metadata 11.c.1

Modules For SDG Goal 11 Indicators:

Module 1 Adequate housing and slum upgrading

Module 2 Public transport systems

Module 3 Land consumption

Module 4 Civic participation

Module 5 Solid waste in cities

Module 6 Public space

Module 7 National urban policy

Module 8 Secure tenure rights to land

Module 9 Safe water treatment

Country Presentations:

(Bangladesh) National Experience SDG 11

(Indonesia) National Experiences SDG 11

(Laos) National Experience SDG 11

(Maldives) National Experience SDG 11

(Nepal) National Experience SDG 11

(Nepal) National Experience SDG 11 Excel Sheet

(Philippines) National Experience SD G11

(Singapore) National Experience SDG 11

(Sri Lanka) National Experience SDG11

Day 1:

City Prosperity Innitiative_- Conceptualization and Application

Global City Definition

National Sample of Cities Approach

Overview of Agenda 2030 and the New Urban Agenda

Overview of SDG 11 Implementation of Human Settlements indicators

Sustainable Urban Development in Asia and the Pacific

Day 2:

Making People in Slums Count

Module 5: Solid Waste Management

GIS, Risk Models and SDG 11

Know Your City: Slum Dwellers Count

Data Disaggregation for SDGs Indicators and the importance of “Leaving no one Behind”

Localizing SDGs for Sustainable Urban Resource Management

Module 1: Slums and Informal Settlements

Module 2: Public Transport

Module 9: Waste Water Safely Treated

Localizing SDGs

Overview of SEEA and Waste Accounts

The Process of Collecting People

Day 3:

Module 4: Indicator 11.3.2

Module 6: Public Spaces

Module 11.a.1: National Urban Policy

Day 4:

Indicator 1.4.1: Basic Services

Indicator 11_c.1: Sustainable, resilient and Efficient Buildings

Module 8: Secure Tenure Rights to Land

Reading Materials:

What is a City?

SDG 11 Synthesis Report 2018

National Sample of Cities

2018 HLPF Thematic Review of SDG 11

Sustainable Development Goals: Monitoring Human Settlements Indicators