Cities and Climate Change Academy – English

2013 — The Cities and Climate Change Academy – CCCA was an initiative of UN-Habitat under the Cities and Climate Change Initiative-CCCI and the UN-Habitat Partners University Initiative (Habitat UNI). The CCCA produced a series of training and educational modules in English which were later translated into and adapted to Spanish. This series of modules are meant for universities, training institutions, scholars and trainers who wish to develop and deliver educational programmes focusing on cities and climate change. Consortia of universities and several scholars have worked on these modules comprised of presentations, syllabuses, background materials, publications and references in English. These modules have been disseminated and replicated worldwide.

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Presentation: Module 1

Presentation: Module 2

Presentation: Module 3

Presentation: Module 4-1

Presentation: Module 4-2

Presentation: Module 5A

Presentation: Module 6

Presentation: Module 7.1

Presentation: Module 7.2