Date News item
2020-11-23 From face-to-face to virtual knowledge exchange: The tenth edition of the Shelter Academy
2020-10-06 Take the New Urban Agenda online crash course!
2020-02-19 Innovative tools for citizen consultation in Latin-American cities through a mobile app
2019-12-10 UN-Habitat hosts event on innovative tools for citizen consultation in Latin America
2019-09-02 Innovative approaches to deliver affordable housing options in Asia, 2019
2019-08-08 UN-Habitat Mobile APP featured at Brazil SMART City Event
2019-08-06 Course: Informal Land Markets and Regularization of Settlements in Latin America
2019-06-18 ODS Week in Niteroi
2019-06-18 Accountability and public responsibility Labs in Rio de Janeiro
2019-06-10 Achieving SDG 11 in Brazil (Side event at UN-Habitat Assembly) – 28 May 2019
2019-04-26 UN-Habitat Conducts Accountability Lab in La Paz, Bolivia
2019-04-26 UN-Habitat Conducts Accountability Lab in Tarija, Bolivia
2019-02-25 Workshop application deadline 15 march – Sustainable Transportation in Asian cities
2019-02-04 Year in Review: UN-Habitat Capacity Building 2018
2018-12-17 Asian Experts Meet in Korea to Develop Affordable Housing Strategies
2018-11-29 UN-Habitat Organises Training of Trainers on City Resilience Action Planning
2018-10-25 UN-Habitat and Colab launch mobile app for open public consultation on living conditions in Brazilian cities
2018-10-03 Deadline 20 October: Training on Innovative Approaches to Deliver Affordable Housing Options in Asia
2018-08-13 Urban Accountability Academy
2018-07-06 III Foro Latinoamericano y del Caribe – Claudio Acioly Interview
2018-05-22 UN-Habitat organises SDG Café on Localizing the SDG11 in Cities in Latin America
2018-05-02 Apply now to the Singapore – UN-HABITAT International Capacity Building Programme: 27-31 August 2018 in Singapore
2018-04-16 UN-Habitat Organises Training of Trainers in Trujillo in Collaboration with ECLAC
2018-04-16 Apply now for the 8th Annual Shelter Academy on Climate Adaptation and Mitigation: 3-7 September 2018 in the Netherlands