Fundamentals of Urbanization: Implementing the New Urban Agenda

17 – 20 January 2017 — With the overall goal of mobilizing decision makers for implementing the New Urban Agenda, the training aim is two-fold: (i) to raise the awareness on sector integration and the Fundamentals of Urbanization as a methodology for evidence-based implementation-driven urban development framework and (ii) to understand the Fundamentals of urbanization in practice through careful analysis of case studies and practical exercises.


The following themes were addressed and discussed during the training programme:

  • Urban Legislation, understood as the establishment of a system of rules and regulations that provide a solid and predictable long-term legal framework for urban development.
  • Urban Planning and Design, or the fundamental layout of the common urban space, that becomes one of the main contributors to urban value generation, with provisions for appropriate street patterns and connectivity and the allocation of open spaces.
  • Urban Finance, because the successful implementation of urban strategies depends on sound financial bases and the ability of public investments to cover operations and ultimately generate economic and financial benefits for the city.
  • Principles are informed by solid urban data and should provide a programmatic response to the performance diagnostic in cities.

The workshop targets city leaders, senior decision makers and executive staff of municipal and regional governments involved in housing, urban planning, municipal finance and  urban rules and regulations, who could subsequently support institutional coordination at city level for implementing the Fundamentals of Urbanization. The training will be delivered in English, with case studies from the region and other regions where UN-Habitat is active.




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The Implementation of the Principles of Planned Urbanization


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Module 1: State of Urbanization

Module 2: Global Agreements

Module 3: Fundamentals of Planned Urbanization

Module 4: Planned City Extension

Module 5: Housing

Module 6: Mobility

Module 7: Slum Upgrading

Module 8: Climate Change


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