Innovative Approaches to Deliver Affordable Housing Options for Asia

November 2019 — During the period from 05 to 13 November 2019, UN-Habitat in partnership with the International Urban Training Centre (IUTC) – Republic of Korea – successfully completed an international training course “Innovative approaches to deliver affordable housing options for Asia”.

The training course provided the participants with an in-depth understanding of the functioning and structure of the housing sector in their country, how housing markets work, and the rationale of the supply and demand for affordable housing options amongst the different segments of the population. Participants had an extensive exposure to housing policy and practices of Korea through site visits and discussions with Korean housing practitioners. The course also offered cutting edge lectures, case studies and references from different countries.

A Housing Practitioners Lab provided an opportunity for participants to get a hands-on experience in visualizing housing problem and formulating solutions in their own contexts. The results from the Housing Practitioners Lab form the foundation for each team to formulate an action plan on affordable housing for their own city/country.



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UN-Habitat – Global Housing Trends 2018

UN-Habitat – Global Housing Trends 2019

UN-Habitat – Housing Markets and Affordability – 1

UN-Habitat – Housing Markets and Affordability – 2

UN-Habitat – Agenda 2030 – 1

UN-Habitat – Agenda 2030 – 2

UN-Habitat – Housing Policy Formulation

UN-Habitat – High-rise Maintenance

UN-Habitat – Incremental Peoples’ Housing

UN-Habitat – Municipal Housing

Prof. Lee Hyun Hoon

Prof. Jung Hee Nam – Housing Policy

Prof. Shin Soon Deok – Real Estate Market and Transaction in Korea

HUG (Housing Urban Guarantee Corporation)

Green Building Certification Project

Prof. Lee Jae Soo – Public Housing Support Program

Action Planning Session

Sustainable Housing – Green Building


A Practical Guide for Conducting Housing Profiles – Revised Version

Building Materials and Construction Technologies – Annotated UN-Habitat Bibliography

Building Sustainability Assessment and Benchmarking

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Going Green

Green Buildings in Singapore

Land Readjustment in the Republic of Korea

Sustainable Housing for Sustainable Cities – A Policy Framework for Developing Countries

Sustainable Housing for Sustainable Cities

UNECE Brian Evans Sustainable Urban Development Strategies

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