Local Leadership Development in Liberia

2009 – 2013 — During the period from 2009 to 2013, UN-Habitat developed and delivered a series of training and capacity building programs to strengthen elected local leaders, city leaders and senior decision makers of central and local governments in Liberia. Comprehensive training needs assessments were carried out with all different target groups belonging to different levels of authority in public institutions which helped to design a demand-driven and focused training. UN-Habitat worked closely with UNDP and other local institutions in these workshops that trained hundreds of Liberians.

Alioune and Monrovia Mayor
Alioune and UN


Orientation Manual for Leaders

Agendas and Schedules:

Work Plan

Objectives, contents, highlights and timetable


Time Schedule October 2008

Programme 2008

Programme 2012


Communication Competence

Competency Vote

Daily Evaluation 10 October

Building Competencies in Enabling, Financing and Institutional Building

Liberia Local Government Capacity Building Programme

Decision Making: Module Three, lesson One

Power Utilisation: Module Three, Lesson Two

Module on Facilitation

Negotiation Competency for Local Leaders

Action Plan for National Roll-Out of the Leadership Training

The Local Elected Leadership (LEL) Series

Introduction to the ToT

The Leadership Role

Types of Workshop Participants

Adult Learning and Training

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Guidelines to Oral Presentations

Trainer Self-Evaluation Checklist


Central Government Framework

Local Economic Development and Strategic Planning 1

Local Economic Development and Strategic Planning 2

Local Economic Development and Strategic Planning 3

County Action Plans:

Action Plan for Gbarpolu

Action Plan for Grand Gedeh

Action Plan for Grand Kru

Action Plan for Bong

Action Plan for Bomi

Action Plan for Lofa

Action Plan for Margibi

Action Plan for Maryland

Schedule for Maryland

Action Plan for Montserrado

Action Plan for Nimba

Action Plan for River Gee

Action Plan for Rivercess

Rivercess Workplan Budget

Work Plan for Sinoe


Leadership and Orientation Workshop Report

Brief Report

LED Training of Trainers Workshop Report

D. Pilot LED Workshop Report

Draft 1 Liberia Local Gov Capacity Building Plan

E. The Orientation Manual for Leaders

Leadership and Orientation Workshop Report

The Lessons Learnt Report

JP Review Report

Final Report on the Orientation-LEL Workshop

Report of the Capacity Building Activities in Liberia Under the UNCST Programme

Leadership and Orientation Workshop Final Report

LEL County Action Plans Summarized

LEL Kakata City Training Report October 2009

Lesotho Final Report 2007

Liberia Local Government Capacity Assessment November 2009

LIPA Strategic Plan

Pilot LED Workshop Agenda

Report – Liberia Local Government Leadership Programme

SIDA Progress Report March-August 2009

Summary Version Liberia Local Government Capacity Building Plan