Policy Options for Housing the Poor in Africa – 1

25 – 27 March 2015 — UN‐Habitat in partnership with the Cities Alliance has published Quick Guides for Policy Makers: Housing the Poor in African Cities series. The overall purpose of this series is to provide policy makers at national and local levels with information that will enhance their understanding and consequent responses to urbanization issues. In addition the Quick Guides series also aims to provide them with tools that will improve their skills in housing developments especially for the urban poor and to enable them to make informed policy and strategic decisions. The Quick Guides are presented in an easy‐to‐read format, including an overview of trends and conditions, concepts, policies, tools and recommendations.

As part of the dissemination of the Quick Guides for Policy Makers: Housing the Poor in African Cities a training pack was designed based on the Quick Guides. Its contents draw substantially on the themes and cases depicted in the different volumes. This training pack includes a Facilitator’s Guide, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. The training pack equips national and regional training institutions and other relevant organisations with the necessary tools to provide training for policy makers on the Quick Guides series in their countries.

The overall objective of the workshop that took place from March 25 -27, 2015 was to further disseminate the Quick Guides Series for Africa and share its contents and training with the Namibian audience. It aimed at strengthening the capacity of policy makers in Namibia on selected housing themes which will enable them to further promote and practice pro-poor housing policies.

The Namibian Association of Local Authority Officials (NALAO) was the main organisation responsible for hosting, designing and implementing the workshop but worked closely with other key partners such as relevant ministries and the Polytechnic of Namibia/ Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). UN-Habitat offered technical support and the workshop was made possible through the financial support of Cities Alliance for the project.


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You find the full “Quick Guides for Policy Makers: Housing the Poor in African Cities” series, including Facilitator’s Guide, in our training materials section.

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