SDG Café: Localizing the SDG11 in Cities in Latin America

17 May 2018 — UN-Habitat’s Capacity Development Unit organised an open session focusing on the Sustainable Development Goal 11, its localisation and synchronisation with local policies and the New Urban Agenda-NUA in 6 Latin American Cities. The session addressed the experience of the Project “Accountability Systems for Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting on Sustainable Cities Policies in Latin America”, financed by the UN Development Account and implemented by UN-Habitat with partners in Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.

The project aims to localise and synchronise the SDG11 with local policies and city development strategies with a focus on accountability, the synergies between local governments and civil society and capacity building. The project attempts to create physical and virtual spaces of collaboration between city stakeholders and boost capacity building to increase accountability and citizen participation in the implementation, monitoring and reporting of the SDG11.

How do we ground global agendas into local urban policies and institutional process of municipal governments? The session provided an overview of the different activities carried out so far, the ongoing policies in the different cities, the challenges faced by local governments and UN-Habitat, the outcomes of an inventory of accountability initiatives in Latin America, and some propositions for the way forward.



Presentation: Introduction