Sustainable Transportation in Asian cities – For a Greener Globe and Better Life

22 April – 1 May 2019 — Urban transport plays a fundamental role in meeting the objectives of economic competitiveness, social inclusion and sustainable growth. Yet, in many countries, challenges arise around the rapid increase of private vehicles, traffic congestion and poorly functioning public transport systems. This results in inefficiencies, road accidents, air pollution and increasing Green House Gas emissions. Transport has received increasing recognition over the last years few years in the narrative of the global agendas such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreements or the New Urban Agenda adopted at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador in October 2016. The world needs to strive for a new mobility paradigm where “Transport” is seen as a means and not an end itself – the ultimate objective of all transportation being ACCESS to opportunities, goods services and amenities.

The main objective of this course is to help training participants to gain better practical knowledge about the design and management of sustainable transportation models which can be applied in their cities.

The training course was tailored for senior decision makers, policy makers and transport practitioners from Asian cities who work in national and local governments and have direct responsibilities for the planning, design, finance, implementation and management of transport policies, programs and projects.  Those who work in private and academic institutions, as well as NGOs and not-for-profit housing organizations, were also considered to take part in the training course.

The training course was conducted in collaboration with IUTC, Gangwon province and the Urban Pathway project.



Training schedule


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Training course programme

Action planning group work:

Philippines – Balanga City

Sri Lanka – Colombo

India – Delhi

Indonesia – Mataram

Mongolia – Ulaanbataar

Bhutan – Thimphu

Nepal, Viet Nam, Cambodia

Pre-course readings:

Guidelines – Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Guidelines – Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan – Annex

Presentations by day:

Day 1 – Mobilising Sustainable Urban Transport for Global Climate Action

Day 1 – The role of Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Sustainable Development Goals

Day 1 – Eco-Smart Cities and Transportation

Day 3 – Climate Change and Mobility

Day 3 – PM Motors – Company profile 1

Day 3 – PM Motors – Company profile 2

Day 3 – PM Motors – Company profile 3

Day 3 – Land Use Planning and Transport Demand Management

Day 4 – Mobility for Everyone

Day 4 – Raising Public Awareness and Building a Culture for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Day 5 – Policy Options, Economic Instruments and Financing Sustainable Urban Transport

Day 7 – Action Planning for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Day 7 – A Quick Introduction to UN-Habitat

Presentations by lecturer:

김귀곤 원장님

인제군 김재문 – 1

인제군 김재문 – 2

인제군 김재문 – 3

Nicola Medimorec

Shritu Shrestha

Stefanie Holzwarth – Presentation 1

Stefanie Holzwarth – Presentation 2

Stefanie Holzwarth – Presentation 3

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 1

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 2

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 3

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 4

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 5

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 6

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 7

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 8

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 9

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 10

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 11

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 12

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 13

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 14

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 15

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 16

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 17

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 18

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 19

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 20

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 21

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 22

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 23

Stefanie Holzwarth – Material 24

Trang Nguyen 1

Trang Nguyen 2

Trang Nguyen 3

Trang Nguyen 4