The 7th Annual Shelter Academy: Cities and Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

4 – 8 September 2017 — ARCADIS and UN-Habitat offered a unique training opportunity for City Leaders and Decision Makers in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. This was a high-level workshop addressed to local officials and senior-level policy and decision makers focusing on cities and climate change adaptation and mitigation. The Shelter Academy was a one-week program which provides the participants with the opportunity to get their hands-on the problems faced by cities subject to climate change and environmental impacts. Participants also got the opportunity to meet with their peers, look at the variety of solutions and approaches put into practice in different contexts, and formulate action plans on cases selected by them. The workshop was enhanced by the participation of experts from Arcadis, UN-Habitat, Dutch municipalities and the IHS-Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The Academy promoted learning and capacity building on the topic of cities and climate change and fostered a meaningful dialogue on how cities are responding to these challenges.





Day 1:

Mayor Vadodara

Barpak ward no 8 settlement and housing planning

Opening Presentation: UN-Habitat

Opening Presentation: Arcadis

Case Study: Viet Nam

Case Study: Philippines

Case Study: Solomon Islands

Case Study: Cameroon

Case Study: Nepal

Case Study: Belize

Case Study: Kenya

Case Study: Philippines 2


Day 2:

Rotterdam: Resilient Delta City

Day 3:

CLIMACT Prio Tool Manual


IHS Group Exercise

Watergovernance in the 21st Century

Martine Leewis – Water board Rijnland

Day 4:

Bharat Dangar – Case Study on Vishwamitri River

Implementation and Action Plan – Lovelyn Otoiasi

Khanh – Implementation Plan

Presentation Roshan Shrestha

Presentation Jacob Nwachan

Presentation Reuben Ngeti – Kilifi, Kenya