The Management of Multi-Apartment High Rise Housing Stock, the SDG11 and the New Urban Agenda

11 February 2018 — 9th Session of the World Urban Forum, Kuala Lumpur.

Training Coordinators: Gulnara Roll, UNECE and Claudio Acioly, UN-Habitat
In collaboration with Henk Visscher, Delft University of Technology, Arsen Karapetyan, Development Solutions Institute Foundation and Gyorgy Sumeghy, Habitat for Humanity International.

UN-Habitat and UNECE organized a training program in collaboration with Delft University of Technology of the Netherlands, the Development Solutions Institute of Armenia and Habitat for Humanity International, focusing on the maintenance, management and rehabilitation of high-rise multi-family and multi-apartment housing stock. This training was rich of case studies and references from countries such as Armenia, Brazil, Singapore, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Poland, The Netherlands, China and others. The course provided an opportunity for the participants to develop practical knowledge and skills in maintenance and management of multi-apartment buildings. It unfolded the critical problems of maintenance and management of such buildings in various parts of the world and discussed different approaches to establish a sustainable maintenance and management system, with adequate finance, direct citizen engagement, laws and regulations, and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 11 and the New Urban Agenda.

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