Planning and Governance for African Leaders in Singapore 2017

5 – 9 June 2017 — The UN-Habitat and the Government of Singapore, under the ambit of the Singapore Co-operation Programme are committed to supporting governments in activating their urban potential through the International Leaders in Urban Governance Programme (ILUGP). The programme discussed urban policies, planning and legislations, urban nancing, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda as well as Singapore’s successful urban practices and model of urban transformation.




Daily Background slides

Schedule overview and Synopsis

Programme Overview


Presentation: Quiz & Answers

Presentation: Housing at the Centre of the New Urban Agenda

Presentation: Citywide Street-led Slum Upgrading

Presentation: Public Spaces in a Global Context

UN-Habitat – Urbanization Trends and Opportunities

Cities Action Plan Presentations:

Botswana Francistown




Kenya, Kiambu

Mozambique, Boane

Nigeria, Abuja

Uganda, Kampala

South Africa, Gauteng

South Africa, Johannesburg

Gambia, Kanifing

Day 1 Presentations:

Introduction to the Singapore Liveability Framework

Programme Director Welcome

Integrated Master Planning and Development

Singapore River Cleanup

Day 2 Presentations:

Overview of Singapore’s Public Housing

Day 3 Presentations:

Infrastructure Financing and Urban Rejuvenation

Japan Experience on Urban Rejuvenation

Financing a City

Day 4 Presentations:

Urban Systems Studies – Water

Singapore’s Greening/Biodiversity – A Reflective Look Back

Singapore’s Environment Journey

Day 5 Presentations:

SG UN-Habitat iLUGP – Transport

Industrial Infrastructure

Urban Mobility: 10 Cities Leading the Way in Asia-Pacific