Urban Accountability Academy

8 – 10 August 2018 — UN-Habitat organises workshop in which experts exchange experiences on accountability, transparency and the Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG11).

25 people from 6 cities in Latin America (Chimbote, Trujillo, Tarija, La Paz, Rio de Janeiro and Niterói) participated in the workshop. The participants worked with various functions in the municipalities of the participating cities, focused on different areas such as urban planning, transparency and corruption and environmental issues. Two Vice Mayors and one Member of Congress were among the participants. The event also included special speakers from Brasília and São Paulo.

The workshop took place in the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum. During the three days, participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and to get to know the best practices of each city. The participants immersed themselves in discussions on how to localise the SDG11 and the New Urban Agenda at the local level and how to improve accountability processes. They had the opportunity to develop the first draft of an action plan to improve the solution of a particular problem (linked to an SDG11 Target).

The workshop included two technical visits to specific projects in Niterói and Rio de Janeiro, where the participants discovered the techniques, logistics and tools that the municipalities use regarding mobility and data.



Presentation: SIURB

Presentation: Instituto Pereira Passos

Presentation: Instituto Pereira Passos 2

Presentation: G-NOVA

Presentation: Pátio Digital

Presentation: Sesión de evaluación

Presentation: Transformação Digital de Niterói

Presentation: Rede urbana, geografica econômica e usos potenciais da nota fiscal eletrônica

Presentation: Localizando para o Rio os Objetivos de ODS 11

Presentation: SDG 11 Survey

Presentation: CEPAL – Ricardo Jordan

Presentation: Isabela Tramansoli Resende

Presentation: Plan de Acción

Presentation: Plan de Acción – La Paz

Presentation: Plan de Açao – Niterói

Presentation: Localizando los objetivos del ODS 11 – La Paz

Presentation: Lab Cívico

Presentation: Chimbote

Presentation: SDG 11 Survey results

Presentation: Secretaria Municipal de Urbanismo do Rio de Janeiro

Presentation: Tarija

Presentation: Ciudades Abiertas y ODS

Informe analítico sobre los Laboratorios Urbanos de Responsabilidad Pública