Urban Management and Planning for African City Leaders

5 – 9 June 2017 — The Government of Singapore, under the ambit of the Singapore Co-operation Programme, and the UN-Habitat are committed to supporting governments in activating their urban potential through a capacity development programme. The Singapore UN-Habitat International Leaders in Urban Governance Programme aimed to discuss urban policies, planning and legislations, urban financing, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda as well as Singapore’s successful urban practices and model of urban transformation. Specifically, the programme will:

  • support cities to plan, innovate and implement projects to catalyse change;
  • provide clarity on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to achieve them;
  • as well as share Singapore’s Liveability Framework and best practice examples;
  • assist cities to understand financing sources and models to execute projects;
  • provide city leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to lead change in their cities’ urban planning, thereby contributing directly to achievement of the SDGs;
  • encourage cross sector knowledge exchange to develop sustainable cities through integrated long term planning and dynamic urban governance;
  • support city leaders work through specific project challenges based on best practice;
  • monitor and evaluate these projects for continuous improvement;
  • promote peer-to-peer learning and networks among city leaders.





Course brochure

Workshop schedule

Presentation: Programme overview

Presentation: Housing

Presentation: Singapore Liveability Framework

Presentation: Quiz & Answers

Presentation: Greening

Presentation: Environment Sustainability

Presentation: Citywide Street-led Slum Upgrading

Presentation: Industrial Infrastructure

Presentation: Public Spaces and CPI

Presentation: Transport

Presentation: Water

Presentation: Urbanization Trends and Opportunities

Presentation: Urban Revitalization and Financing

Presentation: Financing and Urban Revitalization

Presentation: Financing A City

Presentation: Briefing on Public Housing

Presentation: Integrated Master Planning and Development

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Botswana

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Chad

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Gambia

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Ghana

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Kenya

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Mozambique

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Nigeria

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Rwanda

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – South Africa – Gauteng

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – South Africa – Johannesburg

Presentation: Cities Action Plan – Uganda