Urban Management Tools for Climate Change (UMTCC) 2017

12 – 30 June 2017 — The Urban Management Tools for Climate Change course (UMTCC) offered the opportunity to national
and local urban policy makers, municipality officials, planners and lecturers in the field of climate and
environmental management to gain knowledge of cities vulnerability and its linkages with other human
factors exacerbating climate stresses, such as land use management and spatial planning decisions. The
course showcased different examples of how cities are dealing with the need for adaptation and
mitigation. It will do so by utilising lecturing and discussion formats, serious gaming, analysis of data
inventories and group exercises built on decision-making and action planning.



Week 1:

Programme Overview

Introduction to Climate Change and Cities

City Vulnerability Assessment – Kampala

Practical Exercise

GIS for Climate Vulnerability Assessment

Planning for Climate Adaptation in Kampala

Economic Assessment of Urban Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Ho Chi Minh City

Decision Support and Assessment Tools for Climate Change

Planned Resettlement and Vulnerability in Cities

Promoting Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Environmental & Social Safeguards Consultancy for the Engaging Local Communities in the REDD+ (ELCIR+) Project

Arcadis – Presentation

Multi-Level Governance Adaptation in the Netherlands and China

Action Plan – Durban

Action Plan – Paris

Action Plan – Vancouver

Action Plan – Wellington

Week 2:

The Role of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in Building Resilient Cities

How to Prioritise Climate Change Adaptation Actions

Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation Project

Towards Sustainable Kathmandu Valley

B-LEADERS Project: Initiatives on the Development of LCCAP

Serious Game: Sustainable Urban Planning and Underground Development: Game Manual

Serious Game: Integrated Urban Planning: Real Estate, Energy, Underground and Water

Climate Finance for Mitigation Action in Cities

Urban Morphology and Climate Change – Punctiform City

Urban Morphology and Climate Change – Urban Structure

Week 3:

Rotterdam Smart City and Quality of Life

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Philippines

CLIMACTPRIO Mitigation Manual

Copenhagen’s Green Accounts 2009

Viet Nam Urban Briefs – SUEEP Program

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Kampala City and Metropolitan Region

Mitigating Climate Change Through Environmental Management

Milan: Smart City Energy Efficiency

Planning and Implementation of Floating Buildings as an Adaptation Measure in the Netherlands

Strategic Planning and Climate Change

Planning for Climate Change: Towards Implementing SDG 11 and the New Urban Agenda

Sustainable Energy Planning in Cities

Sustainable Energy Planning in Cities: Case Study – Bolzano