Urban Management Tools for Climate Change (UMTCC) 2018

11 – 29 June 2018 — All over the world, cities are increasingly expected to undertake concrete actions to adapt to natural disasters and climate hazards (such as sea level rise, floods, and droughts) exacerbated by climate change and climate variability. On the other hand, they also need to plan and implement low emissions development strategies supporting national plans and contributing to climate change mitigation while generating other multiple local benefits. What concrete activities should cities undertake? What kind of tools can urban professionals and municipality officials use in order to make decisions about their course of actions, develop, and implement local climate change action plans?

The Urban Management Tools for Climate Change course (UMTCC) offers the opportunity to national and local urban policy makers, municipality officials, planners, and lecturers in the field of climate and environmental management to gain knowledge of cities vulnerability and its linkages with other human factors exacerbating climate stresses, such as land use management and spatial planning decisions. The course showcases varied examples of cities’ strategies to adapt and mitigate climate change, through lectures and discussions, gaming, analysis of data inventories, and group exercises built on decision-making and climate change action planning.



Programme Overview


Evaluation Summary

Module 1 Presentations:

The Role of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in Promoting Resilient Cities

Economic Assessment of Urban Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Ho Chi Minh City

Decision Support and Assessment Tools for Climate Change

Ecosystem Services & Climate Change Adaptation

Safe and Attractive Waterproof Cities

GIS for Climate Vulnerability Assessment

GIS for Climate Vulnerability Assessment 2

Introduction to 100 Resilient Cities

Sustainable Delta

Torino Project

Introduction to Climate Change and Cities

City Vulnerability Assessment

Planning for Climate Change Adaptation

Risk Sensitive Land Management and Governance

Multi-level Governance for Climate Change Adapatation in Delta Urban Regions

Module 2 Presentations:

Cities and Climate Change: From Commitment to Action

Climate Finance and Identifying Mitigation Options in Cities

Energy and Climate Mitigation in Rotterdam

Serious Game – Urban Underground Planning for Real Estate, Energy and Water

Serious Game – Integrated Urban Planning: Real Estate, Energy, Underground and Water

Introduction to Climate Change Mitigation and GHG Inventories

Sustainable Energy Planning in Cities

Urban Form and Climate Mitigation

The World Council on City Data

Module 3 Presentations:

A Case Study on Urban Planning and Management for Sustainability

Sustainable Cities Framework

Planning for Climate Change

CLIMACT Prio v.14 Adaptation

CLIMACT Prio v.14 Mitigation

Climate Change Planning Process

City Development Priorities: New York City

City Development Priorities: Copenhagen

City Development Priorities: Da Nang

City Development Priorities: Kampala

City Development Priorities: Negombo

GHG Emission Inventories: New York City

GHG Emission Inventories: Copenhagen

GHG Emission Inventories: Da Nang

GHG Emission Inventories: Kampala

GHG Emission Inventories: Negombo

Vulnerability Case Studies: New York City

Vulnerability Case Studies: Copenhagen

Vulnerability Case Studies: Da Nang

Vulnerability Case Studies: Kampala

Vulnerability Case Studies: Negombo

PPTs from Participants:

Copenhagen Presentation

Copenhagen CLIMACT Prio v.14 Adaptation

Copenhagen CLIMACT Prio v.14 Mitigation

Da Nang Presentation

Da Nang CLIMACT Prio v.14 Adaptation

Da Nang CLIMACT Prio v.14 Mitigation

Kampala Presentation

Kampala CLIMACT Prio v.14 Adaptation

Kampala CLIMACT Prio v.14 Mitigation

Negombo Presentation

Negombo CLIMACT Prio v.14 Adaptation

Negombo CLIMACT Prio v.14 Mitigation